Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy of Garden Grove Code of Conduct

1.  Be respectful towards your instructors and other students.

2.  Absolutely NO coaching your children or other students during class.

3.  If you are late, wait outside the mat until the instructor gives you permission to join.

4.  Do not leave the mat area without permission from the instructor.

5.  Talking should relate to the class subject.

6.  Foul language is not permitted inside the school.

7.  Keep your feet clean. No dirty feet on the mat. 

8.  You must always wear a shirt or rash guard inside the academy.

9.  All training gear and bags should be left in the locker room, not on the benches around the training area.

10.  Your uniform must be clean at all times.  You will not be allowed to train with a dirty uniform.

11.  All jewelry, piercings, necklaces, and other items should be removed during training.

12.  Keep your fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed.

13.  Absolutely, no other school/affiliation patches may be worn for training.

14.  No shoes, food, or drinks on the mat.