Monthly Rates: 

$150 – Adults Jiu-Jitsu-Boxing-Kickboxing
$99 – Kids Jiu-Jitsu (7-13)
$99– Juniors Jiu-Jitsu (4-7)

Multiple family member discounts:

2 adults or 2 kids or 1 Adult/1 Kid – $115 each student
2 Juniors or more- $45 each child ( A PARENT MUST BE A ACTIVE ACADEMY MEMBER)
Family Pass (Unlimited number of kids/adults in immediate family. Excludes after school program) – $250
Note: Discounts do not apply to the after school program.

Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Discount:

$10 off monthly membership.
50% off registration fee (if applicable)
May not be combined with any other special promotion.

Registration Fee:

$100 for month to month
$80 for 6 months
$0 for contract lengths of 1 year

Contract Options:

Month to month – Add $15 to membership in addition to registration Fee
6 Month – Standard registration fee and standard tuition
1 Year – No registration fee and standard tuition

Visitors: Mat Fee: $20. No mat fee for Sunday open mats.

 Membership  is non transferable.